Deck of Cards

One of my favorite ways to exercise is using a deck of cards. This is my go-to exercise plan when I don’t feel like going to the gym! I always end up with a terrific work out.
The basic idea is this:

4 suites of cards with 14 cards per deck. Aces are high. Pick 4 exercises, for instance one that concentrates on the upper body, one lower body, one core and one cardio.

Set up a space on the work out floor with a matt, dumb bells, kettle bells and/or stability ball according to the work out you have chosen, shuffle the deck, turn over the first card and go!

As an example, if you choose something like this:

Hearts: Burpies

Spades: Walking lunges

Diamonds: Kettle bell military press

Clubs: Flat-footed sit-ups

When you turn over the ace of hearts, you do 14 burpies, turn over the 7 of diamonds, you do 7 kettle bell military presses.

I love “deck of cards” and always look forward to the feeling afterward! When the face cards start turning up together, it gets tough with the high repetitions of exercises but psychologically, you know that you have already done the hardest ones and a 2 should pop up soon!

Here are some of my favorite work outs. If you don’t know what the exercises are, you can find them easily on the web.


Jump rope 10 per number ( a 7 would be 70 jump ropes, an ace would be 140)

Stability ball pass (lie on your back and pass the ball hands to feet)

Step-ups (per side)

Dumb bell flyes on stability ball


Wall ball


Run one lap (no matter what the card is)

Wind shield wipers (on your back with legs perpendicular to the floor)



Barbell bicep curls


One-legged kettle bell dead lift (per side: when it gets to the face cards, I split the difference between the sides)

Dips (on bench)

The possibilities are infinite. This is a great interval exercise routine and you can change it up as you want!


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